Request a payday loan? Knows all the details


You need money? We are sure that yes. Whether you have employment or not, we all have projects in mind that we have not been able to do due to lack of liquidity, repairs, an old or damaged car.

How are the loans

And the details of the credit that providers offers? It is what it touches now. aims at the so-called ‘ fast loan ‘.

The said product, you can access a maximum amount of € 400 to be paid within a maximum period of 30 days.

It is a product designed for emergencies , that is, specific needs, of which we spoke initially.

Requirements for the quick loan

Requirements for the quick loan

What do you need? If you are interested in this product, which is ideal for emergencies or sudden and unavoidable expenses , you should know that you must meet certain requirements. These requirements are :

  1. Be over 18 years of age
  2. Have ID or NIE in force at the time of the request
  3. Fill in the application form
  4. Accept the generated contract
  5. Have an email
  6. Have a mobile number in the name of the applicant

Necessary documentation

Although the application for the quick loan is completely online , certain documents will be necessary to prove the identity of the applicant, mainly to avoid identity theft. These are the documents that will be requested, in digital format, we recommend the pdf format.

  • Copy of your ID or NIE on both sides
  • Copy of your bank book where your bank account information appears
  • Copy of your payroll or pension

could, in very few cases, request more documentation, you will be notified.

How to apply for your quick loan

It’s time to see the process of how to apply for the loan. It is totally online , and is shielded with internationally-certified security certificates that guarantee privacy and prevent the theft of information, and identity, as a result.

The process is brief, it does not take more than five minutes, and in 10 minutes, if everything goes well, you will have the transfer made to your bank account.

Go to the loan application

In it you will see two sliding bars, the first is to establish the money you need and the second for the time of payment . Remember that the maximum is € 400 to 30 days.

You will see on the right side the summary of the loan that you request . There you will see the money that you will have to pay in total, although that will be discussed in detail later. The important thing is that at all times you will see the total cost of your loan.

Fill your data

You have not made the request itself, you have only seen a simulation of the cost of your application.

You must fill in the information to start the application for your loan.

The data are:

  1. Confirm the amount of money and the payment term
  2. Your personal data, such as full name, address, telephone, ID, contact information, your company and amount of income in it.

Wait for to contact you

In a short time, no more than ten minutes, the company will contact you to sign the contract and the response to your request. If your application requires more information or documents, it will let you know in order to help you to have your application come to fruition.

You will receive your money

Once the process is completed and the signed contract is received, will send the money you have requested to the indicated bank account. It does so from , so the time it takes to “reach” your account depends entirely on your bank or cashier where your account is. If you have an account with , the money will arrive immediately.

Check with your bank or cashier the time for transfers from different institutions.



Car Loan Without Remark

Those interested in a car loan without remark need a little flexibility and have to rethink frequently. The background: Such loans are available only from financial intermediaries and in rare cases by independent car dealers, but then on less favorable terms. The buyers and borrowers should therefore inform themselves in advance a little, because in the end leads to high savings.

Why is car loan without remark so difficult to obtain?

Why is car loan without remark so difficult to obtain?

This question is complex and our answer more or less hypothetical. The collateral provided by the motor vehicle letter is generally regarded as a tangible means. The borrower and owner of the motor vehicle is threatened that the bank moves in a repayment default, the vehicle. In the case of the cases, banks actually do so: The bailiff goes to fruitless reminder to the location of the motor vehicle and puts it with a “claw” (outer immobilizer) until the borrower grudgingly pays the outstanding rate. But what if he fails? Is the funds legally secure? Obviously not consistently: The owner of the vehicle has finally paid up to this time already a (often large) share of the vehicle loan, with which the vehicle has already successively passed into his possession. The further course is complicated: If the driver really no longer pay, the contract must be reversed, the holder must receive back his payments less depreciation and minus the administrative burden. He agrees to this only in case of insolvency, which in turn is partially repealed by the repayment. For people with financial problems who have been given a car loan without remark in advance, that should be even more complicated. Probably that is why such offers of “normal” banks no longer exist.

Car loan without remark: realistic optionsCar loan without remark: realistic options

There remain the two realistic options of a loan from the free (non-branded) car dealer and the financial intermediary. These two options are different, although the independent car dealer also relies on the cooperation of a financial intermediary. Customers sometimes go that route because it is simply more convenient. You have discovered the desired vehicle at the dealer, the dealer wants to sell, the customer wants to get everything from one source and can therefore be negotiated by the dealer a car loan without remark. The only advantage of this may be that the car may be slightly more expensive. The disadvantages are: A discount negotiation is usually excluded, also require most retailers for security, a deposit barely under 30%. In addition, the interest rates will not be low. It therefore makes sense for the customer, even with a financial intermediary to take a cash advance (possible a maximum of 5,000 euros). This will not be low interest, but the buyer can act as a cash payer at any dealer and negotiate a discount. Even for used cars this can be around 10%. Thus, the interest cost of the car loan could be fully covered without remark: The loan would be free for the customer.

Alternative to car loan without remark: car leasing without remark

Alternative to car loan without remark: car leasing without remark

There is the alternative of leash-free leasing, which is interesting for tax reasons, especially for business people. Here you can expect quite high sums, popular offers range between 10,000 to 25,000 euros. Car leasing without remark is intensively advertised and applies to dealers, banks and customers as easier to handle, because here the legal certainty is given from the outset: The vehicle belongs at any time to the customer, in a payment default, the collection of the car is not a legal problem. Car leasing without remark is a bit more expensive and is not consistently considered serious because some lessors demand a high down payment and only release the car at the end if the lessee additionally provides a guarantee. The corresponding clause is sometimes hidden in the small print of the lease. Should the lessee fail to find a guarantor after the special payment has been made, the leasing company could withhold the special payment and still not release the car. There were already such cases, they also stood up to a complaint of the customer. The car loan without remark therefore applies especially for private individuals as the much safer and in any case less expensive variant.

Low Interest Car Loan

How To Get The Best Interest Rate Loan?

Of course, none of us want to pay too much and choose Express loans, consumer loans or real estate is very important to make a good choice of interest rates. Choose a fixed or variable rate loan? Fast loans, interest rates are not so important if you just do not want to borrow for a very long time, but most lenders in the first quick loan are completely interest-free or very positive. Or if you want a home loan auto loan, or just a higher consumer loan, you can achieve a small win for money because there are a few ways to get a more favorable interest rate loan. An assessment at

Compare 9 times, Once to Borrow

Most people make a big mistake in loans and lenders do not compare at all or compare them with a focused one. But if you are preparing for long-term financial commitments, you should be seriously considering the various loan providers. Interest rates may seem seemingly small differences, and perhaps the difference in loan management fee is only € 1, but for 60 months a small difference can mean hundreds of euros! Loan providers  knows how important it is to compare the cost of credit and so you can compare the terms of our website with the terms of different lenders.

Remember that comparisons are the most typical prices – that is, the lender whose interest rate on loans is asking personally for your income. So consider the following facts when comparing loans:

  • Compare several lenders, but definitely more than 2-3. The loan market is a lot offering a variety of loan products and in very different conditions to be sure to check out the many different business conditions – including the associated additional costs of various auto loan loans.
  • Compare different loan types. Do you want to borrow 1500 €? Fits both a high loan, a consumer or a credit account. It depends on how fast you want the loan to be available and if you want to use the entire amount right away. A credit account, for example, opened a credit line, to the extent you want.
  • Compare the interest rate to loan term ratio. The shorter the loan period, the lower the interest rate, and also have to pay less overhead. But if you have to take a loan for a longer period the interest rate is higher and the total cost will reach even 60%! Choose a lender who offers total cost of credit at a sufficient rate.
  • The interest rate is not the same as the APR . At first glance, for example, a 10% loan interest rate is very favorable, but if the total cost of credit is 60%, there are significantly different stories. The effective interest rate includes all related costs (prize fee contract management fees, etc.) and accrued interest throughout the loan period. A loan with an interest rate of 20% and 25%, such as a total cost, is very expensive, so you could look into all the borrowing costs in the long run.

You borrow a co-applicant

If you want to be with a partner or family member to buy a home with everything that is needed or perhaps a home loan is advisable to apply for a loan together – if no payment defaults so the income is sufficient, it’s easy to borrow. A co-borrower applying for a lender considers the less risk because the loans are the responsibility of two people. Even if one should arise the income problem persists, another applicant. A lower risk due to a co-borrower requesting a loan rate is generally lower.

Before the program that you need to cover, but are both committed to making it completely safe, especially if you want to apply for a home loan. Unfortunately, there are also situations where the way of life goes in the other direction, but there is a common commitment to the loan can be quite an unpleasant problem for further handling. Collectively apply for a loan if you are absolutely sure that it is really – shared loans do not charge for small things, but something very important – for home – for.

Want a loan? trade anything

Want a loan? trade anything

There is no special room for maneuver for consumer credit or quick loan, but as the home loan amount is very high, the conditions are also much more flexible because no bank wants to turn a potential customer to a competitor’s desire toward a loan. The main problem is the mortgage rate, which is the bank determines the interest rate and Euribor. Considering the large amounts of terms on the terms, it may mean a difference of 0.1% in thousands of euros.

Some tips if you want to have a more favorable rate for a home loan: t

  • Ask for an offer for consumer loans from several banks. That way, you can just get an idea of ​​what the bank needs for you, and what the bank can do for you.
  • If you have been using the same home for a long time for a bank, can you find or force some one-time bonuses or other special offers?
  • Not only trace Euribor and interest rate. Think of other loan costs and total loan costs. The extra cost, or even a small difference in interest rate you can mean the difference between a fool.
  • Compare offers and allow banks to compete with each other, called. Say the supplier, they got much better deal elsewhere. No bank wants to have a good customer, so you can often get a more favorable interest rate offer.

Review your loan application

Review your loan application

Loan limit, interest rate and repayment period often depend on your income and expenses. The better your financial situation, the lender feels safer and easier to get a favorable loan. Although a loan application, you need to specify in all cases your income and expenses, you may not first remember something or you have other advantages that are not immediately recalled. Therefore, try to think properly if there are still some sources of income or other circumstances that really really help your financial situation, but the program or forgot to not fit the program.

Such circumstances set out the application and loan back to the lender to know:

  • If you are an adult child living at home but still contributing to the household? The mark is definitely out.
  • Looking for a partner to take a home loan or home equity loan? If you have such a stable income, then apply for a loan jointly.
  • If you have kids but they have moved out at home or move fast, it’s worth writing.
  • Can you get a better or wage increase in the near future? This is definitely worth knowing.
  • Moving to a more favorable domestic cost spot fast? It’s always good if your expenses fall this year and then more money at home.
  • Immediately after a few more stops or other loans? Make sure you know when the loan ends!


The most common way of borrowing interest rates and lower interest rates savings is to get existing loan commitments for refinancing . Several small separate loan rates are quite expensive and eventually make a number of different loan payments is cumbersome. You refinanced a loan to pay your existing loans and fees in the future just for a loan. In this way, you can save on interest rates or even hundreds of euros in loan application and account statement to look much cleaner. It’s always good if you are after seeing the lender instead of five!

Interest-free loan

There is no free lunch – or is it? Many bidders allow you to borrow at a 0% interest rate, as well as a very small additional cost. This is a type of marketing improvement, and usually deals with such offers for new customers, but if you want the lowest possible interest rate loan is an interest-free loan is the right choice. Compare different loan offers with interest-free Loan providers family comparison table.

A good payday loan in a bank is a cheap loan

Good payday loan in the bank and how to choose such a loan based on one parameter? And is it possible? What should you pay attention to if you want to borrow money cheaper?

The matter is very simple and easy … Is it for sure? The reason why we are looking for a loan or a payday loan is not important. It is essential that the choice of the bank is the best and the loan as cheap as possible.

The nominal interest rate on a payday loan

payday loan, like any other loan, we can check in terms of costs. That is to find out how much it will cost us to borrow money for a certain period of time.

However, we should not be guided solely by the nominal interest rate on the loan, because it is only one of the factors that affects the cost of the loan. The amount of interest on the loan depends on it. Nevertheless, banks like to display interest rates in advertisements: ” interest rate only 4.49% “, ” promotional interest rate 0% “, etc.

By the way, it should also pay attention to the promotional interest rates, because you can … “set up” in an unattractive loan. And it will not be a cheap payday loan. The promotion can only be valid for 3 or 6 months, and later it is normal and it turns out that the payday loan after analyzing the total costs is much more expensive than the competition.

Well, maybe it’s better to look at the total cost of the loan?

How to choose a good payday loan, ie the total cost of a payday loan

How to choose a good payday loan, ie the total cost of a payday loan

In addition to the interest rate, the cost of the loan is influenced by other costs, such as commission, insurance, administrative fees, for examining the application, etc.

As you can see when choosing an offer and a bank, we can not limit ourselves only to nominal interest. Low interest rates on loans (currently they can not exceed 10%), banks compensate for themselves by using, for example, high commissions or other fees.

For example, in one of the banks interest rates are only 4.25%, but the commission is over 10% of the loan value. Commission is over 50% of the amount of the costs paid!

We can not therefore choose a loan based solely on nominal interest, but you must compare the Real Annual Interest Rate (APR) or the total cost of the loan. The difference can be significant: from a few percent to even 20 percent. and more.

Payday loan additional information

Knowing that, apart from interest, we have to pay attention to other credit parameters, we can compare loans relatively easily. The most important thing, however, is to borrow only as much as we really need. Because what to overpay and take money to reserve?

So before we decide on a specific bank and its offer, we determine how much money we exactly need. A payday loan is not a revolving loan in your account and interest is charged on the entire amount paid, no matter what portion of the loan you use.

When looking for payday loans and when estimating loan installments, we can use the payday loan comparison and check offers. This is not a ranking of payday loans, but additional information about bank proposals.

We already know how to choose a good payday loan and what to look for when choosing it. We can also think about other solutions than just a payday loan. If the expenses are not too high, we can think about a credit card or a credit limit.

Loan characteristics: let’s find out


Let’s find out the changed loans offered . The main features of this type of financing and the categories of customers to which it is addressed. We will also see the opinions of users based on comments posted on the main forums. Finally, the contacts of the Palermo financial company for any need.

Loans: to whom they are addressed and characteristics of the loan

Loans: to whom they are addressed and characteristics of the loan

One form of financing that is very interesting and useful in several cases is that of the changed loans , which are offered to their clients. A condition in which unfortunately can happen to be found is that in which you want to defer the payment of a certain sum of money but do not have the necessary guarantees to obtain the desired loan. All banks and financial institutions provide in their regulations the minimum requirements necessary to have access to the desired credit. Among the guarantees that are usually required those that represent the greatest obstacle concern the customer’s income. Credit institutions are often not willing to give funding to those who do not have the ability to file a paycheck or do not receive a pension . These two are undoubtedly the best guarantees for a company that has to offer a certain sum of money on loan. Having a fixed income insured every month means that the agreed repayment installment can be deducted from that income each month.

For this reason, usually the categories of customers who do not find particular problems in receiving a personal loan, regardless of the bank to which they turn, are those of employees (often a permanent contract is required) and pensioners . The loans loaned are aimed at all those who for various reasons see their request for funding rejected . In particular, considering what has just been said, those who often find it difficult to obtain a loan are self-employed . Thanks to the changed loans you can overcome this problem and get the desired amount by choosing the repayment plan based on what are your needs. Among the customers who can obtain the desired financing thanks to the loans changed, there are also all those who do not receive a fixed income . This is the case, for example, for students and housewives , who through the presentation of alternative guarantees can obtain the amount they need to carry out their projects.

With the changed loans offered you can get an amount ranging from 2500 euros up to a maximum of 31,000 euros . As specified on the financial website, this threshold is not rigid, in fact in particular situations it is possible to have access to a loan for an even higher amount. As for the reimbursement, the duration can be chosen by the customer from 24 months up to 120 months depending on the installment he wishes to set and the expected interest rates. The main feature of this type of loan is that the repayment takes place through the payment of bills issued by the company. The expiry date within which the payment must be made is shown on each bill. A stamp is affixed to the bill, at the client’s expense, which will effectively render it an enforceable title. This means that in the event of failure to pay by the due date , the financial institution has the right to proceed with an executive act before a judge to request the attachment of assets. For this reason it is good to be careful when this type of financing is required, in particular to fix a monthly payment within our reach, to avoid difficulties in repaying and subsequent problems.



Loan Calculator – Calculate & compare online loans

If you want to apply for a loan, you should never do so without a loan comparison, because you can only be happy about a loan if it is not too expensive. If you want to calculate credit, you do not have to know about loan offers and banks, you can simply use a loan calculator on the Internet, which can give you a good overview of offers and providers. Calculating loans with a loan calculator is not only easy, but also saves a lot of time, because a loan comparison is possible within a few minutes.

Compare loans online with a loan calculator

  • There are numerous banks and credit intermediaries who offer online loans , that you can quickly lose track as a layman is only understandable. Calculating loans on your own would not only be very labor-intensive, but also time-consuming. With the help of a credit comparison on the Internet you can quickly find a suitable loan, because a loan calculator is easy to use and delivers after a few moments a good overview of attractive loan offers. The loan calculator should simply enter the most important parameters, ie the loan amount and the term, and the loan calculator can calculate loans and deliver meaningful results. The amount of the monthly installment is calculated on the basis of the interest rate set by the bank. The amount of interest from provider to provider can vary greatly. When calculating loans with a loan calculator, you should absolutely make sure that it is the interest shown to the effective annual interest rate, because only this provides information about the total cost of borrowing.

Calculate online loans with daily interest rates


However, a loan calculator can only always calculate the interest rates that the providers provide. Unfortunately, the cheapest interest rate is still often given by the banks, which only receive customers with a perfect credit rating. Depending on the credit rating, the interest rate may change, so it makes sense to request a personal loan offer , because only then you can find out the final interest rate for the selected loan. Some loan calculators offer their customers favorable special conditions, if the customer concludes a loan on the computer itself and not directly with the provider, then the interest can be lower, so that one can be pleased about an additional saving. Applying for a loan is as easy as calculating a loan, because with the help of an online form you can quickly and easily apply for the loan you are looking for and enjoy a fast turnaround, because with online loans there is a standardized procedure that allows you to approve and lend credits faster ,

Payday loan companies and banks

Among the financial institutions operating in Poland, we can distinguish payday loan companies, banks and parabanks. Despite the prevailing conviction, these terms differ significantly. Both banks and payday loan companies operate on the basis of specific provisions – respectively, the Banking Law and the Consumer Credit Act. In the event of their insolvency, only the owners bear the losses, so customers can feel safe. The situation is different in parabanks, that is private companies that operate on the basis of the Civil Code. In this case, at the time of insolvency, customers are exposed to the loss of some or all of their funds. What are the differences between payday loan companies, banks and pariz

Banks guarantee the safe lending?

In order to understand the concept of the bank, it is worth using the Act of 29 August 1997 on banking law – “The Bank is a legal person established in accordance with the provisions of laws, acting on the basis of permits authorizing to carry out banking activities that risk the funds entrusted with any repayable title. “

Therefore, a bank is a legal person that performs business activity on the basis of specific permits. It consists of on taking deposits, granting liabilities ( payday loans and credits ), and performing other activities specified by law.

Other activities that a bank may perform pursuant to the Banking Law include:

Other activities that a bank may perform pursuant to the Banking Law include:

  • keeping bank accounts,
  • issuing bank securities,
  • granting sureties,
  • check / promissory operations,
  • purchase / sale of monetary claims.

What is important, the bank is covered by both financial supervision and deposit guarantee. When the institution becomes insolvent, the Bank Guarantee Fund provides a return of cash.

Payday loan companies – why should you use their services?

At the beginning it is worth mentioning that, contrary to popular belief, payday loan companies are not parabanks. What’s more, both concepts have little in common, so using them interchangeably is a big mistake. So what are payday loan companies?
First of all, these institutions operate on the basis of the Act on consumer credit. Among other things, this means that interest accrued can not be more than four times the lombard payday loan rate, and the amount of APY payday loans must be reported in each information material.

Unlike payday loans, payday loan companies adhere to specific guidelines imposed in advance. In addition, these institutions provide payday loans online only with funds belonging to the owners and shareholders of the institution. This means that they do not take away money from customers, so the risk of losing money rests solely with the owner. Non-bank payday loans are therefore safe .

What is worth emphasizing is that payday loan companies, unlike banks, are much less rigorously evaluating a potential borrower. Some of them offer payday loans without BIK . Thanks to this, people with lower creditworthiness still have a chance to get a commitment.

How to Apply for Payday Loans

When we talk about , we are talking about one of the best financial companies in the market that belongs to PNB. This entity is a leader in many countries and already has millions of customers in Europe and the company is known in more than 80 countries around the world.

In the payday loan company , you can ask for up to 50,000 euros that you can return in a total period of 96 months. In addition, you will get the money in just 48 hours without any problem and without having to change banks. Nor will you have to make long lines at the bank or many procedures, since everything you do from the comfort of the sofa.

If you are looking for a good amount of money and you need it to be as fast as possible, the best option is payday loans.

How to request a loan or request more information in payday?

How to request a loan or request more information in payday?

If you want to request a payday loan, one of the fastest ways to do it is through its official website where you will find an application that you must fill out with your personal data.

The first thing you should put is your name and your last name and then you will have to fill out the form one by one to be able to put what is the purpose of the loan , the amount of money you need and also you must put what is the maximum term to be able to return the credit to the entity .

If you look at the right part, you will see everything that is essential for this type of credits. You can see the number of monthly payments that exist and what is the interest rate applied to each of the payments.

When you go to ask for this type of loan you also have the possibility of activating a certain type of insurance such as sickness or in case you suffer an unfair dismissal .

Once you have finished the loan application , you must go to the next point, which is to indicate more personal data and pass the credit form. For your peace of mind and comfort, all these things are done online without you having to move anywhere at any time.

Once your application is approved, you can have the money in your account in less than 48 hours.

Destination of payday loans

You can ask for any type of loan payday for what you want , however, you will have to tell the company so that you will need it, since each type of loan has different conditions and it is important that you know them all.

When filling out the application, it is where you will indicate what you are going to use it for, and it will be the company that checks if you are a risk client for them or for the contract you can take into account to give you the credit.

You can ask for several credits for various things, but always the largest amount will be taken into account. in case that is rejected, it is passed to the next one of greater quantity, etc.

Among the destinations that you can select when applying for payday loans, are the following:

  • Acquire a vehicle, such as a car, motorcycle or boat, new or used.
  • Repair of a vehicle.
  • Make purchases for the home.
  • Hold celebrations, such as financing a wedding, a communion or any type of party.
  • Finance medical expenses.
  • Make trips or expenses in leisure.
  • Education and training expenses.
  • Make investments in companies, such as creating a company or increasing its capital.
  • Pay bills or debts in arrears.
  • Reunify debts, such as unifying credits you have.
  • Any other type of destination of the borrowed money.

Necessary requirements to request a loan in payday

Necessary requirements to request a loan in payday

To request this type of loan you will need:

  • Have a valid DNI
  • You must be a resident in Spain
  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You must have proof of income of any kind.

In case the company wants to know you more, it will ask you to send some extra documents. It is important that you send them all the documents they ask for, since this means that they do not know if you are a good candidate.

  • Copy of an address receipt
  • copy of the first page of the bank book
  • Proof of income

Advantages of asking for a quick loan in payday

Among the advantages of requesting payday loans of this type to the entity, there is the ease with which you can make the request, since in a few seconds you will have the complete form and you can send it to ask for your money .

Another thing that I like a lot is that being a type of 100% online loan , you will not have to leave the house at all. If you need more documents, the company will ask for them through an email and you will only have to scan them and send them so that they can verify all the data they need.

In case the entity accepts your request, you can count on the money in your account within 48 hours so that you can use it in whatever you need most. The entity may ask you for a photograph that you must send a clear passport type.

The payments of this entity have a high flexibility which has made many more customers come to the entity to enjoy everything they can find in it. These fees to be paid are completely adapted to the clients so that they can pay without being drowned month by month.

The interest rates

The interest offered by the entity has made it one of the most popular loan entities since it is from 5.95% TIN (6.12% APR). However, this depends a lot on what the loan will be used for .

To apply for this credit you will not need to meet almost any requirements, which means that anyone can approach and ask for this type of credit in any problem. Most of these types of loans are designed for people with urgency and who need to cover payments at that moment.



Loan 5000 euros



Loan 5000 euros

Loan 5000 euros

Arriving at the end of the month is the origin of many other reasons that motivate the request for urgent credits of 5000 euros. Because getting to the end of the month means being up to date with the rent or mortgage on our home, having the necessities covered, paying all the fees for the insurance, the repairs to the house, the spills, the taxes, etc. All of the above are compelling reasons to resort to quick financing.

Luckily, getting a quick loan of 5000 euros is not as difficult as it may seem at first sight. In fact, if we meet the requirements, it is very likely that we will accept our request. The personal conditions required by credit institutions, as a basis, are somewhat more demanding than the basic personal data required for a loan, since in this case we are requesting a significant amount of money. For this reason, it is necessary to comply with a series of economic and labor demands that place us in a well-off situation and with guarantees to assume the repayment of the loan.

One of the indispensable economic requirements is not to maintain debts with third parties, which would eliminate all the possibilities of approval of the personal loan of 5000 euros. Lenders, when working in the granting of high amounts like this, need a solid and reliable guarantee that the applicant is in optimal conditions to assume the interest on the loan. Obviously, the fact of appearing in a file of defaulters does not meet the profile of the applicant to receive such amount, and before the operation ends in a delay in payment, prefer to decline the request. It is important, therefore, that the applicant of the loan, in addition to being clear of debts, is sure to be able to assume the refund, choosing thus, in most cases, the return period that best suits their preferences.

If we fulfill all the conditions, we only need to enter the web page of the credit institution that we have chosen with any device with an Internet connection. We can do it from anywhere at any time of the day, as from our house at two in the morning. Sometimes, no paperwork or travel to a branch or office is necessary. That’s why they are so comfortable and flexible. Then, we will only have, chosen the credit company, fill in the application form. If it is accepted, in a few minutes we may receive the notification via SMS on our mobile or via email. From here, it is possible that in 48 hours we have the quick loan of 5000 euros to invest in the desired.

Keep in mind that you will have to return all the credit of 5000 euros plus interest in the established term. That is why it is essential that, before requesting it, you are sure that you can afford your return and that your financial situation can withstand any incident or delay that may occur. If you do not return the money on time, you will incur more expenses, such as those for late interest, and you may have difficulties the next time you try to get a loan online.



  • You can get a credit of up to 5000 euros in just 48 hours
  • Urgent credits: you will know if your request has been accepted the same day
  • Flexible loans: choose the return period that best suits you
  • 100% online and insurance credits; your bank details are fully protected


  • Be over 18 years of age, have the DNI in force and reside in Spain
  • Have a working phone number and email
  • Accredit regular and sufficient income in an own and open bank account in Spain

A payday loan without a good credit history

We will have the best chance for a payday loan without a good credit history in payday loan companies that provide online payday loans. To obtain them, it is usually not necessary to have a credit history in banking institutions.

As everyone knows, getting a payday loan is associated with the fulfillment of certain conditions set by the bank. To get a payday loan we should be an adult, having permanent employment and a good credit history. But what if we have never taken a payday loan before or have we had minor delays in repaying payday loan installments? How to get a payday loan without a good credit history in BIK databases?

It is known that if we have never reached for a payday loan before or did not take anything in installments, we will not have something like credit history . Banks cautiously approach customers who do not yet have a proper credit history. In this situation, they can offer us a small amount of credit, or they will require us to provide additional security in the form of a guarantor.

We take a payday loan without a good credit history

Getting a bank payday loan without having a good credit history will probably not be possible. Unless we use the help of an additional guarantor in the form of a relative or neighbor. It will be much easier for us to get extra cash through non-bank lending companies. First of all, you should start with the fact that such companies have much lower requirements than banks. Both in terms of income as well as in terms of our credit history. We do not have to own it to get a non-bank payday loan or a payday payday loan. Most companies of this type, however, require from the borrower that such a person does not have any debts that would be entered in the databases of debtors such as the National Debt Register or Erif.

An undoubted advantage of such payday loans is also their very easy availability. Currently, we have very high competition on the market of non-bank payday loans, and thus also a good choice. We can almost choose among many different types of offers. We will find on the market such payday loans, which we will borrow for a short period of time, and at the same time we will be able to take advantage of promotional conditions for new customers. Without the slightest problem, we will also find payday loans that we will be able to pay in monthly installments, on similar terms as in a bank. We can also choose the repayment period ourselves. The one that will be the most suitable for us, e.g. 3 or 6 months, 12 or 24 monthly installments. Such payday loan companies grant a payday loan without a good credit history to persons over 18 who have a personal account and an active mobile phone.

Simple, easy and pleasant

Simple, easy and pleasant

payday loan companies have already accustomed us to providing their payday loans completely via the Internet. There is nothing strange about it, because most of them do not even have stationary outlets in which they could accept their clients. Here, in any case, we are not talking about small payday loan companies, but also about very large and well-known companies such as Wonga and Vivus. It has its advantages, because it is not necessary to meet directly with a representative of such a company. All we have to do is submit a payday loan application online and send a verification transfer . After this operation, the payday loan company will contact us by phone to confirm the conclusion of the payday loan agreement. From this step, it may take several to a dozen or so minutes when the payday loan company orders a payday loan transfer to our account.

Not as cheap as in a bank?

How much we will pay for such a payday loan depends on several factors. First of all, on the payday loan amount and the repayment period. The sooner we decide to pay off such a payday loan and so we will spread the repayment period for a smaller number of installments, the lower the costs will be. Equally important is the right choice of the payday loan company. Here, however, we will help payday loan calculators available on every single page of payday loan companies. With their help, we will simply calculate the exact cost of our payday loan. Most non-bank payday loans available on the market are actually more expensive to pay on bank payday loans. However, if we look well, we will find offers that should meet our expectations.