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We will have the best chance for a payday loan without a good credit history in payday loan companies that provide online payday loans. To obtain them, it is usually not necessary to have a credit history in banking institutions.

As everyone knows, getting a payday loan is associated with the fulfillment of certain conditions set by the bank. To get a payday loan we should be an adult, having permanent employment and a good credit history. But what if we have never taken a payday loan before or have we had minor delays in repaying payday loan installments? How to get a payday loan without a good credit history in BIK databases?

It is known that if we have never reached for a payday loan before or did not take anything in installments, we will not have something like credit history . Banks cautiously approach customers who do not yet have a proper credit history. In this situation, they can offer us a small amount of credit, or they will require us to provide additional security in the form of a guarantor.

We take a payday loan without a good credit history

Getting a bank payday loan without having a good credit history will probably not be possible. Unless we use the help of an additional guarantor in the form of a relative or neighbor. It will be much easier for us to get extra cash through non-bank lending companies. First of all, you should start with the fact that such companies have much lower requirements than banks. Both in terms of income as well as in terms of our credit history. We do not have to own it to get a non-bank payday loan or a payday payday loan. Most companies of this type, however, require from the borrower that such a person does not have any debts that would be entered in the databases of debtors such as the National Debt Register or Erif.

An undoubted advantage of such payday loans is also their very easy availability. Currently, we have very high competition on the market of non-bank payday loans, and thus also a good choice. We can almost choose among many different types of offers. We will find on the market such payday loans, which we will borrow for a short period of time, and at the same time we will be able to take advantage of promotional conditions for new customers. Without the slightest problem, we will also find payday loans that we will be able to pay in monthly installments, on similar terms as in a bank. We can also choose the repayment period ourselves. The one that will be the most suitable for us, e.g. 3 or 6 months, 12 or 24 monthly installments. Such payday loan companies grant a payday loan without a good credit history to persons over 18 who have a personal account and an active mobile phone.

Simple, easy and pleasant

Simple, easy and pleasant

payday loan companies have already accustomed us to providing their payday loans completely via the Internet. There is nothing strange about it, because most of them do not even have stationary outlets in which they could accept their clients. Here, in any case, we are not talking about small payday loan companies, but also about very large and well-known companies such as Wonga and Vivus. It has its advantages, because it is not necessary to meet directly with a representative of such a company. All we have to do is submit a payday loan application online and send a verification transfer . After this operation, the payday loan company will contact us by phone to confirm the conclusion of the payday loan agreement. From this step, it may take several to a dozen or so minutes when the payday loan company orders a payday loan transfer to our account.

Not as cheap as in a bank?

How much we will pay for such a payday loan depends on several factors. First of all, on the payday loan amount and the repayment period. The sooner we decide to pay off such a payday loan and so we will spread the repayment period for a smaller number of installments, the lower the costs will be. Equally important is the right choice of the payday loan company. Here, however, we will help payday loan calculators available on every single page of payday loan companies. With their help, we will simply calculate the exact cost of our payday loan. Most non-bank payday loans available on the market are actually more expensive to pay on bank payday loans. However, if we look well, we will find offers that should meet our expectations.