Foreign trade with the single (3000-5000)

Yichang - Zhijiang      Education: college

Experience: unlimited     Recruitment 1 people

Job Responsibilities:

1, the implementation of the company's trading business, the implementation of trade rules and open up the market;

2, Responsible for contacting customers, preparing quotations, participating in business negotiations and signing contracts;

3, responsible for production tracking

4, responsible for document review, customs clearance, settlement, after-sales service and other work;

5, customer development and maintenance;

6, business-related information collation and filing;

7, the report of the relevant business work.

8, to participate in major domestic and international exhibitions.


1, college degree or above, major in international trade, business English;

2, 2 years of experience in business operations in the field of trade, foreign work experience is preferred;

3, Familiar with trade operation process and related laws and regulations, possess professional knowledge in the field of trade;

4, with a high level of English, a good level of computer operations, customs clearance and other related trade operation certificate priority;

5, has good business development skills and business negotiation skills, public relations awareness, with a strong dedication, teamwork and ability to do things independently, the courage to open up and innovation.

Working Hours: Monday to Saturday 8: 00--12: 00 14: 00-17: 30 Closed on Sundays Closed Holidays

Address: Jiefang Road,Jiangkou Town,Zhijiang City,Hubei.

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