Online Payday Loan Consolidation Companies -Alpinev.Com / Wed, 21 Aug 2019 13:48:12 +0000 en-US hourly 1 What Are the Credit Ramsa Requirements? /what-are-the-credit-ramsa-requirements/ Wed, 21 Aug 2019 13:48:12 +0000 If you are thinking of taking out a fast loan, we recommend that you read the following article where you will find information about the family credit requirements. Do not wait to have the money you need, whether to buy a new car, invest in a project, remodel your home, take a family trip or take advantage of a business.

Today is the day for you to have that liquidity you need to make your dreams come true, stop having debts that do not allow you to sleep and live as you deserve. Ramsa is a bank of prestige and great experience nationwide and offers loans to its customers (new or old) to use the money in whatever they want.

That is why it is very important to know the family credit requirements, in order to meet them completely and for the loan to be approved in minutes. Ramsa offers you an essential tool so that you can get the financial aid that best suits your needs.

When you want to get a loan?

When you want to get a loan?

You must first use up all the alternatives in the marketIn this way the risk is minimized and the best service is hired. It is essential as a first step to pay attention to the financing requirements. It is useless to know in detail the services and products offered by banks if we cannot present the required and indispensable documentation for the approval of the application.

It is very important to have all the information in advance, so problems will be avoided and a faster loan will be obtained. Do not forget that bureaucratic procedures take a long time and there are times when we can not wait another day.

With nearly 50 years of experience in the Mexican financial market, the Ramsa bank (belonging to the Ramsa financial group) offers not only loans, but also other products such as life or unemployment insurance, money transfer services, assistance for Investors and much more.

The Ramsa credit requirements are much lower than in other banks

credit loan

And in addition this entity stands out today for its easy access , low interest costs and ease of approving loan applications to customers.

Among its ‘star’ products we can highlight personal loans and mortgage loans. In the first case they are used for those expenses that exceed our salary, such as a wedding, a 15 year party, a vacation, a car, etc. In the second, it is used to buy your own home for a term of 20 or 30 years.

The credit Ramsa requirements of course vary depending on the type of loan requested. In this way the personal or “Credinero Ramsa” as they are known in the bank, are aimed at Mexican employees (or foreigners with legal residence in the country) who can demonstrate income of at least $ 5000 per month. You can request between $ 5000 and $ 250,000 to pay in a maximum of 36 months (3 years). The benefits are the most prominent in the market.

The requirements are quite low

credit loan

Present proof of income for the last three months, carry proof of the current address and have a savings bank at the Ramsa bank, where the cash will be received. A loan is accessed with a monthly interest rate of around 3%, without administrative, commission or disposal costs. It is not required to present any type of guarantee.

For our part, for Ramsa mortgage loans, we must also meet certain minimum requirements (although higher than in the case of a personal loan). Financing of up to 30 years can be obtained with a monthly interest of 1.5%. It is essential to qualify for an infonavit loan.

Do not hesitate to check with the bank to know your credit and verify situation

credit loan

That you are eligible for any of these two options. To start just carry your identity document, your last payroll receipts and proof of address (electricity, telephone, property, etc). Where to go To any of the 300 branches that the Ramsa bank has in the Mexican territory. Do not miss this opportunity! It is easy to meet the family credit requirements, it’s just a matter of presenting them and enjoying the benefits.

How much money do you want? $ When will you return it? days Return Date: Loan Costs 0 Total to return All asd data is safe with SSL encryption Loan to be repaid in a minimum of 65 days and a maximum of 90 days, with a minimum APR of 188.44% and a maximum of 203.72%. Representative example for the first fast loan: $ 5,000 to be repaid in 65 days. Interest and fees: $ 704.05. Total amount to be returned: $ 5704.05; APR: 203.72%, fixed monthly: 9.7%. APR: 203.72%, fixed monthly: 9.7%.

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Purchase of loans with cash in addition /purchase-of-loans-with-cash-in-addition/ Thu, 01 Aug 2019 03:56:20 +0000

Any future borrower who wishes to include in his credit buyback operation an additional amount of money to finance a new project may apply. This is called an additional cash flow that can be added to the total amount borrowed, which includes all remaining capital due credits that are repurchased. It may allow the borrower to realize a new purchase or to carry out a project, while being integrated in the financial arrangement of the purchase of credits. As a result, the debt restructuring operation not only helps to put personal finances in order to regain some serenity, but also to indulge oneself while remaining in its debt capacity.

Understand what extra cash is

Understand what extra cash is

In a loan consolidation transaction, the additional cash that the borrower can claim is called the amount allocated. If this amount of money can be included in a credit buyback operation, it is not entirely free to use, since it is included in a financial package that falls into the category of consumer credit. It is therefore the same process, depending on the same legislation, which means that the lender will still worry about the destination of this amount of money granted, in addition to the total amount of credits that will be paid. The amount allocated is therefore, as its name suggests, assigned to a project, to the extent that some lenders go as far as proposing the acquisition of real estate with the purchase of credits. Of course, everything will depend on the borrower’s profile, its repayment capacity and its debt ratio. Note that the borrower will in principle not need to submit a quote, order form or invoice to get this extra cash, but it will still depend on the project and the lender.

In any event, the additional cash provided in a loan consolidation transaction is not a new credit. In fact, it is simply included in the total amount borrowed under the single credit subscribed during the redemption. This amount of money available is paid to the borrower on his bank account at the time of the release of funds and allows the realization of a new project financing, purchase or leisure. This will have been prepared upstream, so that the borrower does not leave his debt capacity and can repay his new loan serenely. In addition to representing a sum of money available for a project, the extra cash can also be a stepping stone to guard against the vagaries of life, or become a security savings to be able to have a reserve of money for one or projects for the future.

It should be noted that this is an optional approach and many loan consolidation does not include additional cash. Depending on the desired amount, the demand leads to an increase in the amount of the credit, or even the repayment period and therefore its total cost. In the context of a mortgage purchase, the amount of additional money borrowed can be more substantial because the property put in mortgage represents a security for banks and lending institutions.

In summary, it must be understood that the granting of additional cash is not a new credit. On the contrary, it makes it possible precisely to avoid making a second credit by being integrated in the only financing operation that is the purchase of credits. In this sense it also avoids the costs related to the subscription of a credit and can finance as much the purchase of a car or a new computer as the realization of work or a trip.

Amount and benefits of additional cash

Amount and benefits of additional cash

The financing plan put in place by the credit institution at the time of the merger will take into account all the credits to be bought back and the additional amount of money granted. This option is open to any borrower, over the age of 18, as for any conventional redemption of credits without cash demand. It concerns employees, retirees and the self-employed. For the latter, the conditions for granting additional cash may be stricter and the amount more limited because of the risk of seeing the amount of money borrowed intended for the enterprise whereas it can only be granted in the part of a personal project.

In general, the additional cash can not exceed 15% of the amount granted under the redemption, but it is not really limited by a ceiling. It will mainly vary depending on the financial and personal situation of the borrower and certain main criteria that are: the use of the additional amount borrowed, the rental situation of the borrower, that is to say, owner or tenant and finally the type of purchase of credits subscribed (purchase of consumer credit or repurchase of mortgage). From the moment when any project is reasonable and falls within the criteria of the lending organization it is admissible, provided of course that it does not generate over- indebtedness. It will, of course, be necessary to establish a feasibility study, since the amount allocated will also depend on the borrower’s overall profile and repayment capacity.

The integration of additional cash will mainly allow the borrower to take full advantage of his credit buyback operation to manage his finances. In addition to the advantages of the loan consolidation itself (lower interest rate, new, more favorable monthly payment, redeemed repayment period, etc.) it can either finance a new project, which will allow it not to give credit again, with all the administrative costs and inconvenience that accompany it, either to make a reserve of money if necessary. Another important benefit of the additional cash flow request is that the homeowner borrower can dispose of this amount to carry out either renovation or development work or have a contribution for a new credit related to a property.

In all cases, this sum of money is directly included in the monthly payment of the new credit related to the redemption, whether initially allocated to a particular project or not. The most important thing is to prepare the transaction well, by studying the need for liquidity when making the request. Once all outstanding loans (revolving loans, personal loans, purpose loans, revolving loans, etc.) has been listed and the total remaining capital due is established, the borrower can then define as revenue, his charges and fixed costs and his debt ratio, the additional sum he can still add.

He can then begin to simulate online by adding the amount of cash desired. For this he can fill an online simulation form on one of the many sites available. The simulation can be performed with or without additional cash demand. It is completely free and without commitment and the borrower can make his choice according to the result obtained. Once the simulation is completed, an expert will proceed to study the demand and feasibility of the project. When this ends and the additional cash is granted, its payment will be made at the same time as the repurchase of the credits in progress.

Contract loan credit what do you need to know? /contract-loan-credit-what-do-you-need-to-know/ Thu, 04 Jul 2019 07:59:48 +0000

The amount of remuneration is crucial

The amount of remuneration is crucial

The next important information about the applicant, which may determine the receipt of a consolidation or cash loan, is the amount of remuneration. The decision to grant funds in the amount indicated in the loan application may depend on this. If the analyst assesses the financial standing slightly lower than we expected, the bank may offer the client a loan under a mandate contract, in a smaller amount, adapted to the applicant’s financial capacity. The creditworthiness is also affected by the liabilities held, both their quantity and amount. Too many obligations – credit cards, loans and 0% installments (very popular when shopping online) can lead to the rejection of the application. In such a situation, the analyst may consider that there is too high a risk of failure to repay another loan. Of course, the type and form of employment are also verified. It must be admitted, however, that a person with a good credit history and regularly receiving remuneration for the mandate contract can receive a better offer than those working under a contract of employment, with numerous obligations and several “slippages” in repayments. Although the contract of employment gives the premises for greater stability of employment, persons exercising their profession under the mandate contract may also receive a loan. See for details

Credit amount and mandate contract

Credit amount and mandate contract

The form of employment (employment contract, mandate contract) has no major impact on the bank’s decision on the amount of credit granted. Whether the bank decides to grant us a loan in the amount that we apply for or whether it will reduce it is determined by the factors described above affecting creditworthiness. It should also be borne in mind that each lender has internal procedures which it follows during financial analysis.

The amount of credit granted under the commission contract is primarily affected by:

  • the amount of income
  • age
  • type of employer
  • credit history
  • housing situation
  • number of dependents (most often it concerns the number of children)

To best assess your options, it’s a good idea to consult with a financial advisor who can pre-assess your creditworthiness and the amount of any credit. However, this information is preliminary. An analyst working directly at the head office of a selected bank or director at the level of a bank branch decides whether to grant or refuse a loan under a mandate contract .

What is worth taking to a meeting with a loan broker?

What is worth taking to a meeting with a loan broker?

  • all mandate contracts,
  • account printouts documenting the effect of remuneration
  • identification.

These are the basic documents that should usually be attached to the loan application. Depending on the offer, the bank may also expect additional documents, such as PIT, income statement, repayment schedule of another loan (if we want to consolidate liabilities).

As you can see, it is not the type of contract that plays the main role in processing the application. Regular, documented income and a positive credit history are the most important for the bank. People who work under a mandate contract can be just as active on the financial market as people with an employment contract. Therefore, a loan under a mandate contract is a full-fledged product that anyone employed under a civil law contract can apply for.

Expert Notes Napsa Finance

Expert Notes Napsa Finance

Failure should not be assumed in advance if we want to obtain a loan based on a civil law agreement. In some banks, this source of income is treated as equal to an employment contract. Other institutions may, in turn, have internal arrangements related to credit under a mandate contract, e.g. shortening the loan period or reducing the maximum amount to be obtained.

However, beware of the large number of credit inquiries – often they are the main refusal criterion, not the type of contract. Your financial situation will be analyzed regardless of whether you want to get a loan under a mandate contract or if you have another source of income. Don’t be shy to ask for help. If you have a problem with getting a loan under a mandate contract – contact a trustworthy credit broker who will not make unnecessary inquiries and obtain a loan on the best terms.

Car loan despite credit – is that possible? /car-loan-despite-credit-is-that-possible/ Tue, 02 Jul 2019 04:12:57 +0000

Loan as a car loan despite credit

Loan as a <a href=car loan despite credit” />

There are many people who have already applied for consumer or installment credit and want to finance a vehicle afterwards. At this point, the question then quickly arises whether there is the car loan despite credit. Unfortunately, there is no blanket response, because it always depends on the personal circumstances of a borrower.

The conditions for the car loan despite credit

The conditions for the <a href=car loan despite credit” width=”640″ height=”360″ />

Who is interested in this car loan, who will definitely need a clean credit bureau information. In addition, of course, the income plays an important role, because this must be so high that both the car loan, as well as the previous loan can be served. The income and the expenses are compared in a budget statement and the balance must then suffice. If the credit bureau does not fit or the income is insufficient, the loan will be rejected.

A bank loan as a car loan despite credit

A <a href=bank loan as a car loan despite credit” />

The car loan despite credit is possible if all conditions are met. Of course, a customer can take out several loans as long as he has enough income. For the lenders, it is only important that there are no financial difficulties and that the installment can be paid each month. If you fall behind, you can quickly have a problem. Those who can no longer pay should talk to a bank consultant and a solution is sought. If at least two installments are in arrears, then the loan termination can also be pronounced.

This must be announced before the loan cancellation starts. At the house bank, the chances are usually not bad, because they have known the customer for years. Due to the long relationship of trust, individual solutions can certainly be found. An old installment loan and a new car loan can also be combined. This has the advantage that the payments are clearer, because there is only one loan left. In addition, the credit period can be increased here, so that the rates per month are lower. If you do not have sufficient funds for a new car, you should buy a used car. Here financing is easier, because the vehicle price is lower.

The dealer credit as a car loan despite credit

The dealer credit as a <a href=car loan despite credit” />

If you do not want to go to a bank, you can usually apply for a car loan from a dealer, even if you have a loan. The conditions are exactly the same at this point. If you want to have a good credit rating, you can afford a relatively high down payment on the vehicle price. The down payment serves the bank as collateral and the loan amount is reduced. For a trader, there are often three-way financing, balloon financing and classic car financing.

What Are The Requirements to Apply for a Bank Loan? /what-are-the-requirements-to-apply-for-a-bank-loan/ Fri, 28 Jun 2019 14:13:58 +0000 The two agencies responsible for regulating Mexican banking activity are the National Banking and Securities Commission and the Ministry of Finance and Credit. Both institutions have established certain general rules to apply for a bank loan. In this way, banks have a guide to be able to grant their products and services to customers. In this article we will tell you what the general requirements are at the time of obtaining a loan at the Wish Bank.

Beyond the type of bank loan that you want to request, there are requirements that are inherent in all the products offered by the financial company. Pay a lot of attention:



Although some banks accept applications from Mexicans from 18 years of age, the average age at which applications begin to be approved is 25 years. It is believed that by that time the studies have been completed, there is a fixed job and you think about the future. As for the maximum age, everything depends on the return period, however it can range between 55 and 65 years.


A proof of address must be submitted which is requested, for example, by the police or through a service invoice in the name of the applicant. This document proves that the address given when filling out the credit format is valid and the person actually lives at that address. Keep in mind that some banks may request that the minimum age of residence be 1 or 2 years. How do you check this? With the previous invoices for example or through witnesses.

Credit application format

Credit application format

There are banks that allow you to do this online process by completing the format from a special section of your website but others require the applicant to approach the nearest branch or in which you are a customer. Check if you already have to take it complete (ask for the form in the bank first, complete it at home and return or print it from the page) or if it can be filled right there.

Taxpayer registration

This requirements for the bank loan is for those who have a small or medium business or who work as freelancers. They must demonstrate that they have been affiliated with the Federal Taxpayers Registry for a period not less than 2 years. Be careful because some banks require a minimum of 4 years.

Positive accounting

This is also another requirement for those who are partners of a company. And it is one of the most important! It is essential that the accounting has been positive in the last 2 or 3 years (as requested by the bank). What is positive accounting? Basically that the company has not presented significant losses in its assets and that it can demonstrate this through financial statements or tax returns.

Constitutive act and legal powers

No matter what procedure we want to do, it is essential to present a Constitutive Act in the event that we have a company and want to apply for a bank loan. The legal powers that empower shareholders and representatives will also be required by the financial institution.

Solidarity obligation

Solidarity obligation

This requirement for companies is related to the obligation of the main shareholder to the rest of the partners (and spouses if they are married). Individuals with business activities can choose any person as a joint obligor.

Proof of income

It is required for both individuals and companies. In the first case through receipts of employment or income received (for example, renting a home, retirement, pension, etc). In the case of companies, they must demonstrate that they have sufficient economic solvency to meet the credit commitment. Serve bank statements or statements, annual tax returns or financial statements. If the applicant is a client of that bank, it is easier because that information is already held by the entity.

Our portal does not require as many requirements as a bank when granting a loan. Of course, our services are designed for those people who, for example, must pay a debt or pay late fees before embarking on the adventure of applying for a bank loan. You can check our services and (basic) requirements as well as the amounts and lapses to return the credit. Use the online calculator to simulate the loan.

Can we buy a student loan? /can-we-buy-a-student-loan/ Fri, 28 Jun 2019 03:40:53 +0000

With tuition fees, the payment of a first rent, the purchase of books and computer equipment, the bill can quickly climb for students. To cope with these costs, many young people are turning to a student loan. If other credits have been contracted such as a conventional consumer credit, a car loan or a mortgage, the repayment of these can quickly stifle the budget. That’s why it’s possible to buy back your student loan.

The student loan: a credit for free consumption

The student loan: a credit for free consumption

The student loan belongs to the category of consumer credit and is intended for persons under 28 years of age and enrolled in a French educational institution such as a university (license, master, etc.), an e-commerce school, engineer or to prepare a BTS. To finance student life that is often expensive, this option is very useful for many young people who do not have savings. However, the peculiarity of this type of loan lies in the fact that the bank or lending institution will grant the loan only if a parent or a third party guarantees in case of inability to repay of the student.

In terms of the amount that can be borrowed, it will depend on both the nature and duration of the studies in progress, professional opportunities, but also the repayment capacity of the borrower. It can be between 800 and 30,000 euros for a loan period ranging from 2 years to 10 years. The amount borrowed can then be made available in full at the desired date or released progressively each month or each year. This progressive disbursement is sometimes a paid service, but its cost is reasonable.

As for the reimbursement, this is generally done at the end of the study period. There are several options for this deferred reimbursement: it may be a so- called partial deferral when the client reimburses the interest and insurance costs at regular intervals throughout the term of the loan. Another possibility: the total delay. The student will only reimburse the insurance costs and start reimbursing strictly speaking at the end of his studies.

The student loan buyback is possible

The student loan buyback is possible

The repurchase of credit is an operation which allows to regroup several credits in the course of refunding to reunite them within a single loan. Since the student loan belongs to the consumer credit category, it is quite possible to include it in a buy-back transaction. Indeed, the redemption of credits allows to include in the assembly, the following type of credit:

  • a personal loan
  • a loan for a wedding or a trip
  • a car or motorcycle loan
  • a credit works
  • a mortgage

Good to know: it is also possible to include in a buyback, personal or family debts and bank overdrafts.

In concrete terms, this operation consists in repurchasing loans in progress from its own bank or from another credit institution by contracting a new loan in order to obtain better borrowing terms. The objective is above all to renegotiate the interest rate, but also to reduce the monthly payment. In return, the overall repayment term will be extended.

The real peculiarity in student loan buyback is that parents as the guarantors of their child’s credit also have the option of including the child in a buyout made in their own name. In this case, the same conditions will apply, but the chances of obtaining an agreement from a creditor will be much greater given the greater financial stability of the household compared to that of a student or a student. a young active.

Finance a new project through the purchase of credit

Finance a new project through the purchase of credit

Another advantage for borrowers wishing to turn to a consolidation or a buy back of student loan: the possibility of adding to the outstanding capital outstanding for all credits in the course of repayment, additional cash. This sum may be requested at the time of signing the redemption of credits. It allows to finance another project such as the purchase of a car to go to his first job, pay the costs of a move or to carry out the work of his first apartment. This amount will be included in the overall envelope under presentation of an estimate or proof.

Since this is a more complex operation, the project will need to be feasible and in line with the borrower’s debt capacity. In general, it is considered that the maximum debt ratio of a household should not exceed 33% of the total income of a household. Another criterion taken into consideration: the rest to live. This is the amount left to the borrower once he has paid all monthly fees (monthly payments credit, rents, tax…).

In no case will a bank or lending institution allocate additional funds to unstable profiles or people with insufficient income to repay the new monthly payment.

Make a simulation to find the best offer

Make a simulation to find the best offer

To get an idea of ​​the rate that can be obtained and the amount of the future single monthly payment that it will be possible to negotiate, there are now many platforms that provide calculators and credit redemption simulators.

Totally free, these tools allow in a few clicks to know what will be the conditions of a possible student loan buyback operation. For this, it is sufficient for the borrower to enter information such as the number of credits to be repurchased, the amount of the remaining amounts to be repaid, the interest rate and the amount of the various current monthly payments. It will also be necessary to provide information about the personal situation of the borrower such as his family situation, professional, income or his wealth. These simulations do not engage in anything, but they are very effective to compare the different offers currently available in the market for student loan buyback. Once the borrower has found the offer that best fits their profile and needs and after performing an online simulation, it is possible to receive a first quote by phone or e-mail.

After receipt, it will be possible to formalize a request for credit redemption by sending a file. This file is a crucial element of the operation and it is essential for the application to be accepted. It brings together many documents that are essential for analyzing the borrower’s personal situation and solvency. The more complete and solid the file, the faster the application will be processed and the chances of granting will be increased.

Another option to find the best buyout deal is to use a broker or broker in banking. Thanks to their wide network of partners, these financial professionals are the perfect interlocutors to help an individual to see more clearly in this very dense market. They are also very useful for carrying out all the administrative procedures and especially the constitution of the file.

Health and beauty loans: funding requirements and methods /health-and-beauty-loans-funding-requirements-and-methods/ Mon, 24 Jun 2019 14:01:21 +0000

Nowadays it is not easy to face the multiple expenses that accumulate month after month, especially when unexpected situations arise that require a certain liquidity. In recent years, a new type of financing has been established for personal care. These are health and beauty loans, which fall into the category of personal loans, which can be requested to support the costs of various treatments and purchases. We discover in this article how they are characterized and what to do to request them. Read for a critique

What are health and beauty loans for?

What are health and beauty loans for?

Health and beauty loans can be requested for the following reasons:

  • health and medical care, such as specialist visits and dental checks;
  • general and aesthetic surgery;
  • physiotherapy or rehabilitation sessions;
  • spa or wellness treatments, with possible stay in a beauty farm;
  • purchase of exercise equipment;
  • signing up for a gym membership;
  • massage sessions.

This is a wide range of circumstances, some necessary, others to be better classified as fancies, recognized as sufficient reasons to request a loan. Let’s see how.

How to apply for a health and beauty loan

How to apply for a health and beauty loan

There are two ways to apply for and obtain a health and beauty loan:

  • contact a bank, which will provide the loan in the form of a personal loan;
  • apply directly to the health and wellness center in question which, if an agreement with a credit institution, will provide the loan in the form of a specific loan.

The amount of these loans is very variable. In some cases they can reach the figure of 60,000 euros and cover the totality of the expenses to be incurred.

As in all types of loans, the interested party must meet certain requirements, necessary for the provision of capital, which are normally the following:

  • be aged between 18 and 75;
  • have a provable source of income, either as a worker (employee, self-employed or self-employed) or as a pensioner;
  • count with a minimum of seniority, which is normally 6 months for public workers and 24 months for freelancers and self-employed workers;
  • have a good credit position behind them, which means they have not been reported as protesters or bad payers.

Since loans are payable for a wide variety of reasons, it may be the case that an institution decides to protect itself against the risk of debt insolvency. Consequently, in addition to the aforementioned requirements, additional guarantees will be required, such as the signing of an insurance policy or the co-obligated signature. This is a second signature affixed to the loan, not by the beneficiary but by a guarantor, who in doing so declares himself responsible for returning the capital in the event of insolvency.

Financial institutions that provide health and beauty loans

Financial institutions that provide health and beauty loans

For guidance, we would like to highlight some of the financial institutions or credit brokers where you can apply for a health and beauty loan.

Ultranix offers the opportunity for online loans, which can be requested directly from the company’s website, provided within 48 hours of approval of the request. Clicking on the wording “request now” from the FINANCING HEALTH AND BEAUTY section, you can fill out a quote without obligation, entering the amount you need (which must not be less than € 2,750 and over € 30,000) from which it will be calculation of the installments, to choose the type of repayment that best suits your needs. The next step is to send your personal data and wait for the authorization of the loan.

It also fixes the maximum amount that can be granted at € 30,000, with the payment of an advance in 24 hours and the delivery of the capital at home, by bank draft. At a fixed rate and with personalized repayments from 1 to 10 years, the Loan loan is granted to all workers with a minimum of 5 months of seniority, even if they are protested or bad payers, without the need for the second signature of the guarantor.

With Astrofinance it is possible to receive between € 1,000 and € 60,000, debiting your bank account. The request is made online through a digital signature and quickly receives a feasibility response. The financing covers the entire project and does not include ancillary expenses or penalties for the installment change.

The financial requires a minimum seniority of 6 months and provides for the possibility of repayment of installments up to 10 years and deferments from 2 to 10 years. At a fixed rate and a constant rate compared to the salary, it covers up to € 30,000 in expenses.


Where do you get the best credit for families? /where-do-you-get-the-best-credit-for-families/ Sat, 01 Jun 2019 03:54:17 +0000

Best loan for the family

Best loan for the family

Many families also have several children. In order to be fair to all and fulfill the many wishes, you need money. This is not always available to the extent that is needed. To not have to give up your wishes and dreams, a loan for families can be helpful. But even if no children are available, but planned, a loan can be claimed. Especially if the loan is for home ownership, the chance of getting a positive response to a loan application is very high. But even when it comes to bottlenecks, unexpected expenses, or regular spending, it can be helpful to apply for credit for families.

What are the options for this family loan?

What are the options for this family loan?

A family loan is also known as a family loan and, depending on the form of financing, can also be funded, such as in the case of mortgage lending. So there is the possibility of a social housing promotion to obtain an interest-free loan. Public bodies and banks quickly find out what income limits must be met. In order to secure his family, a residual debt insurance should be considered. In the event of incapacity for work or unemployment, the insurance is used so that the installments can continue to be paid.

Conditions and requirements for a loan for families

Conditions and <a href=requirements for a loan for families” width=”639″ height=”425″ />

With a credit for families, it often depends on the creditworthiness of what the terms will look like. Thus, the loan is primarily used for budgeting or real estate financing. A low-interest alternative offers the installment or car loan. The loan amounts can be chosen flexibly. The family should have a fixed income in order to have collateral. In any case, the bank will check the credit rating to ensure that the loan can be paid and that the family does not run into financial shortage. The higher the credit period, the lower the monthly costs associated with a family loan. Many banks require additional collateral, such as the granting of a home savings or savings account. Many banks have now specialized in families and offer for each child already interest rebates that can be used. Thus, the credit for families is cheaper than other loans and the financial burden is reduced.

Borrower Loan Insurance for Credit Redemption /borrower-loan-insurance-for-credit-redemption/ Sat, 25 May 2019 04:12:48 +0000

During a loan buyback operation the borrower signs a new loan agreement. Therefore, the lender will repay all outstanding credit monthly payments to the various creditors, while it will reimburse a single monthly payment that can be reduced by extending the duration of the new credit. What about the current borrower insurance? Should it be terminated to subscribe a new one? Or should we keep it and renegotiate it?

What happens to my loan insurance with a purchase of credits?

What happens to my loan insurance with a purchase of credits?

The borrower loan insurance is a guarantee for the lending organization under a credit. It covers the occurrence of problems during the repayment period, such as the death of the borrower, but also disability, illness or loss of employment. If it is not mandatory in the context of consumer credit it is still strongly recommended. When it comes to a home loan it becomes a mandatory condition set by the lender. In this case, the borrower insurance becomes a credit-related death insurance.

When buying back credits, whether they are consumer loans, a mortgage or both, the goal is to gather all outstanding loans to find a homogeneity in terms of the rate of interest. interest only in the amount of the monthly payments and the duration. Rather than accumulate several credits, it is more interesting to gather them all, with only one borrower insurance. Regarding the latter, several situations may arise. If it has been subscribed with the lender of the first credit, in this case a bank, it will be terminated automatically with the credit in progress, at the time of the prepayment. On the other hand, if it has been contracted with another insurance institution than that of the lender, the borrower may either terminate it to buy a new one elsewhere, or keep it and renegotiate it with better terms.

What are my options?

What are my options?

As the purchase of loans is an operation that generally extends the repayment period to obtain lower monthly payments, there is a greater risk of non-payment of maturities. It is for this reason that insurance loan borrower is highly recommended because no one is unfortunately safe from a hazard of life or accident. In the event of a hard blow, the borrower insurance will cover the repayment of the credit maturities.

The borrower has several options available to him when redeeming his credits. The borrower insurance taken out at the same time as its credit in the same financial institution is canceled automatically with the repurchase. He will therefore have to find a new organization and why not buy borrower insurance from the institution that grants him the new loan. This is the time to review the evolution of his personal situation and if it allows it to play in his favor by negotiating better terms. If, for example, the borrower has a higher salary, this may be an argument for paying less monthly payments, and if he is older, the monthly payments may increase. In short, the new features of the new credit agreement will also lead to different conditions for the new insurance. The guarantees provided must be at least equivalent to the group insurance of the borrower’s bank. The new insurance contract will have to take into account the elements of the new loan, such as the borrowed capital, the interest rate and the repayment term.

Be that as it may, at the time of writing a new borrower insurance it will be necessary to verify that the guarantees registered in the contract are identical to the previous ones. Do not hesitate to consider the offers of the new lending institution that may very well be interesting. It will be all the more convenient to subscribe for simplicity but also in case of termination in the future.

Regardless of which option you choose, you should carefully consider the insurance proposal you have received. Overly attractive offers can hide vices. It is necessary to compare the premiums, but also the deductibles and other elements of the proposed contract. The insurer will have to offer borrower insurance tailored to the needs and profile of the borrower. The group insurance offered by the lender can of course be refused. If the borrower accepts the insurance delegation, the insurer must provide the financial institution with the list of guarantees.

It should be noted that various laws passed in recent years have helped the consumer in his choice of loan insurance borrower. The Hamon law of 2014 for example, allows to terminate his insurance contract if we find cheaper elsewhere but the conditions of this new offer must be identical to the old one. As for the Sapin 2 law, it is possible to cancel one’s credit insurance every year to buy another one elsewhere. Finally, the 2010 Lagarde Act allows a group of loans to opt for another borrower’s insurance than that proposed by the lending institution.

How to compare offers?

How to compare offers?

Several solutions exist to find the best insurance possible. The borrower can first call on a credit insurance broker. This approach is doubly advantageous since it saves a lot of time because it is the broker who has access to the various establishments on the market who will take the steps and propose the offers. It also means personalized support until the offer is signed without having to move.

If the borrower does not want to use the services of an insurance broker he can very well ensure the process of comparing offers by himself. He will have to learn about the cost and extent of the guarantees offered by the next loan insurance. These two elements are essential and can vary from one offer to another. The comparison is therefore essential especially since the clauses of the guarantees are unavoidable. Pay attention to a cost of insurance too interesting but which at the end is more expensive because the periods of deficiency and franchise are high.

It should always be kept in mind that the insurance contract is cancellable every year especially if the needs change over time. Subscribing to an online borrower insurance can save money on the cost of insurance. Many tools are available to make a quick and free simulation to get an idea of ​​the different offers. Getting quotations makes it possible to present to the lender organization offers may be more interesting. So it’s a good bargaining tool to get a lower price.

An important parameter that should not be neglected: borrower insurance represents a cost that is added to the total cost of credit. In the case of a mortgage repurchase, it is even the second largest cost of the new loan. The online loan insurance comparator is therefore an essential tool to have the opportunity to choose the right price and the conditions and guarantees most suitable for the project.

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Insist on the condition request

Insist on the condition request

You have agreed to a credit conversation with a bank adviser? Inform the advisor that he should submit your request to the credit bureau as a “condition request”. As a result, you do not have to fear any negative consequences.

The way to the credit inquiry

Are you looking for a loan? Before you make a credit request, you should have obtained information about the terms. Please also inform yourself about the following details:

  • The purpose of usage
    The amount of interest and credit opportunities can often depend on the type of loan. So a car loan is suitable for the purchase of a new car. If you opt for a loan with a purpose, you may benefit from special offers and conditions. Note, however, that the sum taken may only be used within the scope of the intended use – if a car loan is taken, the money can not be used to renovate a dwelling, finance a holiday or make another purchase.
  • The loan amount
    Think in advance how much money you really need. Do not take more money if you do not need it.
  • The financial scope
    Perform an analysis of your finances in advance so you know what your monthly loan installments are. For the determination you can use a household calculator.
  • the period
    How long do you want to pay off the loan? Opt for a short term so that interest costs remain as low as possible.

Using loan calculator for financing

Using loan calculator for financing

You know what the loan will be used for, how high it should be and have chosen to run it? You have all the important data you need for the next steps. Now you can use the loan calculator of clear credit!

  1. Type the loan amount in the given field, then select the term and decide on the purpose. Click on the orange button – the loan calculator starts. Subsequently, you will get an overview of which loan offers are currently available.
  2. Now compare the different loan offers. Pay attention to the monthly loan installments and check the total loan amount – ie the total charge at the end of the repayment term. If you have found a suitable offer, click on “continue”.
  3. Next, post your personal details and income and submit a credit request to the bank you are looking for. You will then receive an offer.

The request has no effect on your credit rating – the loan calculator of clear credit also causes no costs! If you receive the offer of the bank, it is also not a contract!

The offer has arrived

After the offer has been submitted by the bank, you should check the conditions again. The loan offer has already been pre-checked by the bank on the basis of your submitted data. It is not a contract!

You agree with the terms? Then sign the submitted documents. Then print out the PostIdent coupon. You need the coupon for the identification of your person, which is confirmed by a post office worker. You will need a valid passport or ID card for this process. If the post office employee has confirmed your identity, the coupon and the loan documents will be forwarded to the responsible bank.

Which documents are needed?

Which documents are needed?

For the loan approval, it may happen that the bank needs more documents. Thus, the bank may demand proof of income or account statements. Furthermore, it is possible that the bank also wants to have evidence of other credit obligations.

The documentation checklist

The documentation checklist

  • Proof of income: Submit copies of your salary letters
  • Statements of account: The bank may request the account statements of the last three months
  • Evidence of current loan commitments: Enclose copies of current loan agreements
  • Copies of passport or identity card
  • Two borrowers require two credentials

Two borrowers

Two borrowers

If there are two borrowers, they must legitimize themselves and provide proof of income as well. As a rule, two borrowers have a higher chance that the bank will approve the loan application.