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How To Get The Best Interest Rate Loan?

Of course, none of us want to pay too much and choose Express loans, consumer loans or real estate is very important to make a good choice of interest rates. Choose a fixed or variable rate loan? Fast loans, interest rates are not so important if you just do not want to borrow for a very long time, but most lenders in the first quick loan are completely interest-free or very positive. Or if you want a home loan auto loan, or just a higher consumer loan, you can achieve a small win for money because there are a few ways to get a more favorable interest rate loan. An assessment at fondobook.com

Compare 9 times, Once to Borrow

Most people make a big mistake in loans and lenders do not compare at all or compare them with a focused one. But if you are preparing for long-term financial commitments, you should be seriously considering the various loan providers. Interest rates may seem seemingly small differences, and perhaps the difference in loan management fee is only € 1, but for 60 months a small difference can mean hundreds of euros! Loan providers  knows how important it is to compare the cost of credit and so you can compare the terms of our website with the terms of different lenders.

Remember that comparisons are the most typical prices – that is, the lender whose interest rate on loans is asking personally for your income. So consider the following facts when comparing loans:

  • Compare several lenders, but definitely more than 2-3. The loan market is a lot offering a variety of loan products and in very different conditions to be sure to check out the many different business conditions – including the associated additional costs of various auto loan loans.
  • Compare different loan types. Do you want to borrow 1500 €? Fits both a high loan, a consumer or a credit account. It depends on how fast you want the loan to be available and if you want to use the entire amount right away. A credit account, for example, opened a credit line, to the extent you want.
  • Compare the interest rate to loan term ratio. The shorter the loan period, the lower the interest rate, and also have to pay less overhead. But if you have to take a loan for a longer period the interest rate is higher and the total cost will reach even 60%! Choose a lender who offers total cost of credit at a sufficient rate.
  • The interest rate is not the same as the APR . At first glance, for example, a 10% loan interest rate is very favorable, but if the total cost of credit is 60%, there are significantly different stories. The effective interest rate includes all related costs (prize fee contract management fees, etc.) and accrued interest throughout the loan period. A loan with an interest rate of 20% and 25%, such as a total cost, is very expensive, so you could look into all the borrowing costs in the long run.

You borrow a co-applicant

If you want to be with a partner or family member to buy a home with everything that is needed or perhaps a home loan is advisable to apply for a loan together – if no payment defaults so the income is sufficient, it’s easy to borrow. A co-borrower applying for a lender considers the less risk because the loans are the responsibility of two people. Even if one should arise the income problem persists, another applicant. A lower risk due to a co-borrower requesting a loan rate is generally lower.

Before the program that you need to cover, but are both committed to making it completely safe, especially if you want to apply for a home loan. Unfortunately, there are also situations where the way of life goes in the other direction, but there is a common commitment to the loan can be quite an unpleasant problem for further handling. Collectively apply for a loan if you are absolutely sure that it is really – shared loans do not charge for small things, but something very important – for home – for.

Want a loan? trade anything

Want a loan? trade anything

There is no special room for maneuver for consumer credit or quick loan, but as the home loan amount is very high, the conditions are also much more flexible because no bank wants to turn a potential customer to a competitor’s desire toward a loan. The main problem is the mortgage rate, which is the bank determines the interest rate and Euribor. Considering the large amounts of terms on the terms, it may mean a difference of 0.1% in thousands of euros.

Some tips if you want to have a more favorable rate for a home loan: t

  • Ask for an offer for consumer loans from several banks. That way, you can just get an idea of ​​what the bank needs for you, and what the bank can do for you.
  • If you have been using the same home for a long time for a bank, can you find or force some one-time bonuses or other special offers?
  • Not only trace Euribor and interest rate. Think of other loan costs and total loan costs. The extra cost, or even a small difference in interest rate you can mean the difference between a fool.
  • Compare offers and allow banks to compete with each other, called. Say the supplier, they got much better deal elsewhere. No bank wants to have a good customer, so you can often get a more favorable interest rate offer.

Review your loan application

Review your loan application

Loan limit, interest rate and repayment period often depend on your income and expenses. The better your financial situation, the lender feels safer and easier to get a favorable loan. Although a loan application, you need to specify in all cases your income and expenses, you may not first remember something or you have other advantages that are not immediately recalled. Therefore, try to think properly if there are still some sources of income or other circumstances that really really help your financial situation, but the program or forgot to not fit the program.

Such circumstances set out the application and loan back to the lender to know:

  • If you are an adult child living at home but still contributing to the household? The mark is definitely out.
  • Looking for a partner to take a home loan or home equity loan? If you have such a stable income, then apply for a loan jointly.
  • If you have kids but they have moved out at home or move fast, it’s worth writing.
  • Can you get a better or wage increase in the near future? This is definitely worth knowing.
  • Moving to a more favorable domestic cost spot fast? It’s always good if your expenses fall this year and then more money at home.
  • Immediately after a few more stops or other loans? Make sure you know when the loan ends!


The most common way of borrowing interest rates and lower interest rates savings is to get existing loan commitments for refinancing . Several small separate loan rates are quite expensive and eventually make a number of different loan payments is cumbersome. You refinanced a loan to pay your existing loans and fees in the future just for a loan. In this way, you can save on interest rates or even hundreds of euros in loan application and account statement to look much cleaner. It’s always good if you are after seeing the lender instead of five!

Interest-free loan

There is no free lunch – or is it? Many bidders allow you to borrow at a 0% interest rate, as well as a very small additional cost. This is a type of marketing improvement, and usually deals with such offers for new customers, but if you want the lowest possible interest rate loan is an interest-free loan is the right choice. Compare different loan offers with interest-free Loan providers family comparison table.

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