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You need money? We are sure that yes. Whether you have employment or not, we all have projects in mind that we have not been able to do due to lack of liquidity, repairs, an old or damaged car.

How are the loans

And the details of the credit that providers offers? It is what it touches now. aims at the so-called ‘ fast loan ‘.

The said product, you can access a maximum amount of € 400 to be paid within a maximum period of 30 days.

It is a product designed for emergencies , that is, specific needs, of which we spoke initially.

Requirements for the quick loan

Requirements for the quick loan

What do you need? If you are interested in this product, which is ideal for emergencies or sudden and unavoidable expenses , you should know that you must meet certain requirements. These requirements are :

  1. Be over 18 years of age
  2. Have ID or NIE in force at the time of the request
  3. Fill in the application form
  4. Accept the generated contract
  5. Have an email
  6. Have a mobile number in the name of the applicant

Necessary documentation

Although the application for the quick loan is completely online , certain documents will be necessary to prove the identity of the applicant, mainly to avoid identity theft. These are the documents that will be requested, in digital format, we recommend the pdf format.

  • Copy of your ID or NIE on both sides
  • Copy of your bank book where your bank account information appears
  • Copy of your payroll or pension

could, in very few cases, request more documentation, you will be notified.

How to apply for your quick loan

It’s time to see the process of how to apply for the loan. It is totally online , and is shielded with internationally-certified security certificates that guarantee privacy and prevent the theft of information, and identity, as a result.

The process is brief, it does not take more than five minutes, and in 10 minutes, if everything goes well, you will have the transfer made to your bank account.

Go to the loan application

In it you will see two sliding bars, the first is to establish the money you need and the second for the time of payment . Remember that the maximum is € 400 to 30 days.

You will see on the right side the summary of the loan that you request . There you will see the money that you will have to pay in total, although that will be discussed in detail later. The important thing is that at all times you will see the total cost of your loan.

Fill your data

You have not made the request itself, you have only seen a simulation of the cost of your application.

You must fill in the information to start the application for your loan.

The data are:

  1. Confirm the amount of money and the payment term
  2. Your personal data, such as full name, address, telephone, ID, contact information, your company and amount of income in it.

Wait for to contact you

In a short time, no more than ten minutes, the company will contact you to sign the contract and the response to your request. If your application requires more information or documents, it will let you know in order to help you to have your application come to fruition.

You will receive your money

Once the process is completed and the signed contract is received, will send the money you have requested to the indicated bank account. It does so from , so the time it takes to “reach” your account depends entirely on your bank or cashier where your account is. If you have an account with , the money will arrive immediately.

Check with your bank or cashier the time for transfers from different institutions.