Top 5 Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes Cheats

Every game enthusiast wants to learn a new trick that can bring them closer to their goal. For those who love Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, here are the top five tips that will give you an edge during a game. These tips can be still really worthful as the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes hack will still need you to know how to play the game.

The Logic Behind Challenge Mode

Anytime you manage to unlock the Challenge Mode, you need to be ready to face your enemies. These enemies are much stronger than any other set you’ve encountered during your quest. Some of these characters can kill your party quickly. It is important that you equip your party members to bring down every offensive capability of your enemies. Use characters with debuff abilities. They are the best options for battles in the Challenge Mode. Keep at least a healer on deck. If you follow this tip, you be able to face anyone in the Challenge Mode. If you not already have characters with these abilities feel free to use the free Crystal provided by the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes hack to purchase these. It will be much harder for your enemies then to beat you.

Save the Attacks that are Targeted Towards All Enemies For Your Last Battle

For users who already used the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes cheats to get all characters you need the following tip is not that important but it still can help you to win a battle. When you start your game, you will get a party member who can target more than a single enemy with an attack. When you face the enemies that come during the dark/light side battles, you will notice that you will compete in many fights before the final squadron. The best thing to do is to save your multitargeted battles for your final encounter. If you waste these multitargeted attacks before the last battle, your chances of winning will be reduced drastically. Save them and use them on the big boss and his team. It will help you wipe them out swiftly. Probably you will have more than one of these multitarget heroes if you used the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes cheats tool to build up your team.


Check in on Your Daily Achievements and Activities

If you want to amass energy, XP, and credits, make sure you check in on a daily basis on the activities and achievements required to compete. These activities revolve around you completing a particular number of light/dark side battles, filling characters, slots, etc. Make sure you complete every goal thrown your way. This way, you will never run low on essential items.

Credits and Crystals events mustn’t be checked daily as of now there is a program called Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes cheats which lets you generate all those important resources by a simple press of a button.

Check your achievements from time to time so that you will know which ones have been completed and which you are close to finishing.

Pay Attention to the Blue Meters

The blue meter that rests underneath everyone’s health bar (green) should not be neglected. As soon as it fills up completely, the character can actively participate in a battle. It means that you always need to keep your eyes on every foe’s blue meter. When you find out that the blue bag is almost filled up, launch your attack at the target after aiming. This way, you increase your chances. You also should focus on including some characters that got high speed as they are allowed to attack first. So the best thing would be to use the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes cheats now and use it to afford all the needed Jedis.

Trick to Finding the Items You Need

Finding the things you need doesn’t have to be hard. When you are running low on a certain item, or you are looking for the first piece of an item, check out any character, tap on the inventory tool of that character and click on find. This will help you locate what you’re looking for and bring you closer to ending your quest.