What Are The Requirements to Apply for a Bank Loan?

The two agencies responsible for regulating Mexican banking activity are the National Banking and Securities Commission and the Ministry of Finance and Credit. Both institutions have established certain general rules to apply for a bank loan. In this way, banks have a guide to be able to grant their products and services to customers. In this article we will tell you what the general requirements are at the time of obtaining a loan at the Wish Bank.

Beyond the type of bank loan that you want to request, there are requirements that are inherent in all the products offered by the financial company. Pay a lot of attention:



Although some banks accept applications from Mexicans from 18 years of age, the average age at which applications begin to be approved is 25 years. It is believed that by that time the studies have been completed, there is a fixed job and you think about the future. As for the maximum age, everything depends on the return period, however it can range between 55 and 65 years.


A proof of address must be submitted which is requested, for example, by the police or through a service invoice in the name of the applicant. This document proves that the address given when filling out the credit format is valid and the person actually lives at that address. Keep in mind that some banks may request that the minimum age of residence be 1 or 2 years. How do you check this? With the previous invoices for example or through witnesses.

Credit application format

Credit application format

There are banks that allow you to do this online process by completing the format from a special section of your website but others require the applicant to approach the nearest branch or in which you are a customer. Check if you already have to take it complete (ask for the form in the bank first, complete it at home and return or print it from the page) or if it can be filled right there.

Taxpayer registration

This requirements for the bank loan is for those who have a small or medium business or who work as freelancers. They must demonstrate that they have been affiliated with the Federal Taxpayers Registry for a period not less than 2 years. Be careful because some banks require a minimum of 4 years.

Positive accounting

This is also another requirement for those who are partners of a company. And it is one of the most important! It is essential that the accounting has been positive in the last 2 or 3 years (as requested by the bank). What is positive accounting? Basically that the company has not presented significant losses in its assets and that it can demonstrate this through financial statements or tax returns.

Constitutive act and legal powers

No matter what procedure we want to do, it is essential to present a Constitutive Act in the event that we have a company and want to apply for a bank loan. The legal powers that empower shareholders and representatives will also be required by the financial institution.

Solidarity obligation

Solidarity obligation

This requirement for companies is related to the obligation of the main shareholder to the rest of the partners (and spouses if they are married). Individuals with business activities can choose any person as a joint obligor.

Proof of income

It is required for both individuals and companies. In the first case through receipts of employment or income received (for example, renting a home, retirement, pension, etc). In the case of companies, they must demonstrate that they have sufficient economic solvency to meet the credit commitment. Serve bank statements or statements, annual tax returns or financial statements. If the applicant is a client of that bank, it is easier because that information is already held by the entity.

Our portal does not require as many requirements as a bank when granting a loan. Of course, our services are designed for those people who, for example, must pay a debt or pay late fees before embarking on the adventure of applying for a bank loan. You can check our services and (basic) requirements as well as the amounts and lapses to return the credit. Use the online calculator to simulate the loan.